Student Feedback

I’m joyfully compelled to thank you again for the great class today. It’s fairly amazing that my very first golf lesson was a unmitigated “home run.” You’re really unique – I’m thrilled to have found you!
~ Mark M.

Great coaching and exactly what I was looking for. Will be signing up for more lessons with you!
~ Allan L.

I thought it was a good session and I learned some valuable lessons.
~ Danny K.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your coaching style and your patience.  It has been very helpful!
~ Bev M.

I thoroughly enjoyed our lesson together. I loved the idea of “golf has to be learned from the inside out.” Clearing the mental clutter of swing thoughts and relaxing into the focus of the target, the freedom of the motion helped me “feel” my swing and enjoy the game.
~ Dave H.

Dear Will, thank you for teaching us howe to galf. It was so fun. I think you are a grate teacher.
yours trooly
~ Pema (age 7)

Will, I wanted to let you know how much Michael and I enjoyed our session with you. It was truly the most valuable golf experiences we’ve had.
~ Leslie V.