will-with-manThe foundation of my approach is to help students become aware of how learning takes place and that their experience is the source of their development. Learning begins with self-awareness to what is actually happening in the golf swing. This coaching experience guides you to sensing the precise body movements, your relationship to the club, target and environmental factors as they occur. This mind/body connection takes you out of the conceptual thinking mode and keeps you in the moment as you access powerful distinctions. You will begin to reveal a skillful golf swing motion unique to you.

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certified-kidsGolf Lessons for Kids
I know that kids thrive in the right environment – one that allows for discovery and play. I believe in inspiring kids to grow and learn through their own exploration, cultivating awareness of their own instincts and talents rather than focusing on results—which can squash the human spirit. I have experienced that having fun while learning promotes a long-term love for the game and empowers our kids to develop into happier, healthier human beings. Using games and challenging each child engages and stimulates the learning process. They can view competition as against themselves or the game itself.

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golf-clubGolf Lessons for Women
As a former women’s golf coach, I have had years of experience coaching women in golf. Whether you are interested in finding a satisfying approach to playing golf, finding a safe environment to practice and play with your friends or developing your professional edge, I am committed to supporting your needs in the learning, playing, practicing and social aspects of our golf course. I offer group lessons, playing lessons, individual instruction and special workshops throughout the golf season.

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 2019 Rates – Peacock Gap Golf Club

Adult private – $140/per session

Junior private – $130/per session

Adult 5 Class Series – $600

Adult 10 Class Series – $1000

Junior 5 Class Series – $550

♦♦♦ Sessions are 50 minutes

Semi-private – $160/per session (2 golfers)

9 Hole Playing Lesson – private – $275

9 Hole Playing Lesson – semi-private – $350 (2 golfers)