Aim and Alignment

tracksThe importance of knowing your aim is correct is paramount in playing the game. To give yourself the best chance of finding your target you want to have your ball start on the intended target line. Unfortunately when I work with most students I see this vital part is overlooked or more likely they have evolved their aim to compensate for their flight shot pattern. This compensation keeps the golfer stuck in a recurring shot flight pattern they may never overcome.

There are two lines in aim and alignment. The image can be imagined like railroad tracks.

  1. Clubface to target: the clubface points directly at your chosen target. This means the leading edge of the golf club is perpendicular to the target line.
  2. Body line: includes shoulders (most important body line) hips, knees and toes. This aims parallel left of the target line.

If both clubface and body line are aligned, you have the best chance of starting the ball on your intended target.